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Asa Smith

The youngest son of Hezekiah and Rachel Smith was Asa, born about 1748. His father Hezekiah, died when he was about five years old. A provision was made in this father's will that young Asa was to be educated by the executors until he was of sufficient age to learn a trade. His brothers, Edward and Benjamin were to pay him £500 when he came of age. He was also left 25 acres of land in Glocester, Rhode Island.

Not much is known about the early life of Asa, although he was probably brought up in the home of his stepfather, Andrew Brown of Glocester, Rhode Island. Asa's mother had remarried three years after the death of Hezekiah.
Asa married sometime before 1787, in Glocester, Rhode Island. His wife's surname is not known. Her Christian name was Anne.

Asa appears on the 1778 Tax List of Glocester, RI at the age of 26:

One poll ; one house; one horse; two oxen; five horned cattle; 2 swine;20 acres of pasture to keep 7 cows; 8 acres of tillage; 120 bushels grain; 1 acre orchard; 4 barrels cider; 14 acres meadow; 9 tons of English hay; 80 acres of wood & waste land; total acres 123; £7.10 debt; £44.10 personal estate; £550 real estate; rateable value £594.10.

Hezekiah, their son, named for his grandfather, was born on October 24, 1787.
Asa and Anne were listed on the 1790 Census. They were listed next to Michael Cooke. At that time, there was one male over the age of 16 (Asa), 3 white males under the age of 16, (Hezekiah being one of them), and 2 free white females (Anne) and possibly a daughter.

Asa was a farmer. He died sometime before 1830.

Land Transfer from Asa Smith to his son Hezekiah Smith
Glocester, Rhode Island
Page 391 Town Deed Book
Know all men by these presents, that I, Asa Smith, yeoman, of Glocester in the County of Providence for and in consideration of the love and good will I bear to my son, Hezekiah Smith of Glocester, I do hereby acknowledge, have remised, released and forever quitclaim and do by these presents, remise, release and forever quitclaim unto this said Hezekiah Smith, his heirs and assigns forever the one fifth part of my homestead farm which now lie undivided between he and I, which farm or tract of land lyeth in the Township of Glocester, containing by estimation, somewhere about one hundred and twenty-three acres and three quarters of land, and is bounded as followeth; south on the turnpike road, easterly by the land of Michael Cooke, northerly on land of _________Aldrich and westerly by land of Benjamin Waterman. To have and to hold these together with the one fifth part privilege and appurtenances there unto belonging to him, the said Hezekiah Smith, his heirs and assigns forever.
Witness when I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of April in the year of our Lord AD 1814. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Elijah Armstronge, Darius Darling
Providence County in Glocester Personally appeared Asa Smith signer to the above written deed and acknowledged the same to be his own free act and deed, hand and seal this second day of April AD 1814
Before me, Elijah Armstronge, Justice of the Peace