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Ireland - The Emerald Isle (Ireland)

Written by our daughter Laura for Julia

How far away you are.

How tight around my days

you wrap your moss green arms,

soil still under nails,

sea-salt tangled in auburn hair.

The hoofbeat horserace of your heart resounds

in every bodhran strike - pale skin

tight as the drum. Druids sway

in your walk, charmed hips

under linen, oak brown omen mark

on your left breast. Your children drink

prophecy and history and follow

their mother

into fallow fields to dig for impotent roots;

potatoes rotting black mud in you palms.

Blackness hardening into backbone, clutching

Celtic crosses, you stand erect, wool

wrapped against the sea, and nod

farwell to those children who grew

and mothered

my grandparents, my parents and me

in another land spinning

tales of emerald amidst the factory

cinder-block gray. And now when in my body

my babe jumps

to the fiddle's fly and bodran's beat

tiny hoofs like thunder pound

without knowing where they've been,

what race must be won.

The rhythm of survival bound in ancient blood

rises to the joy of the dance;

the catherine wheel burns blue through our skin.

Together - the end, the start of the line,

we shine and spin and dig for fortune

buried in the Celtic black soil of our bones.

Dad's Ancestors
Patrick Farrell O'Brien
Mary Theresa Cafferty

Julia Ann Sullivan
Flurry Sullivan
Mary Margaret Sullivan

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Patrick Cafferty
Jane Cafferty
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Susan F. O'Brien
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