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Patrick' Farrell O'Brien's Family  
Cornamucklagh, Aughavas, Co Leitrim, Ireland

                                                                 The Farm in 2005                                Sketch of the Old Homestead
Patrick's Parents
 Thomas O'Brien and Mary O'Farrell

Thomas, son of Francis, was born in Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim, Ireland in the year 1806. He was a farmer's son. On February 24, 1840, Thomas married Mary O'Farrell from the Townland of Clooncowley, Drumlish, County Longford in Saint Mary's Church, Drumlish. Mary was eighteen and Thomas was thirty-four at the time of their marriage. According to the custom of the time, it was an arranged marriage. The priest at the Drumlish Church mentioned that many couples requested to be married before Lent, as they were not allowed to be married during that time.

Mary and Thomas raised a large family of seven boys and two girls. Thomas was listed on the Griffith's Evaluation of 1857. At that time he was the occupier of a bit more than 18 acres of land, which included a house, offices and land. Also, on the same property, Thomas leased Robin Deacon a small house and garden. The landlord was William O'Brien.

Thomas died in Cornamuckla on October 27, 1881. Mary died in 1906.

Patrick's Grandfather
Francis O'Brien

Francis O'Brien was born in Ireland in the year 1777. His name was listed in the Tithe Assessment Book for the year 18 33. Francis was listed as being the occupier of 10 acres of arable land in the Parish of Cloone, Diocese of Ardagh, Townland of Cornamucklagh, County of Leitrim. The owner of the estate was John O'Brien, Esquire. Also mentioned on the Tithe page was the fact that the tenants held no leases. Cornamuckla (Cornamucklagh] is in Barony Carrigallen, Civi l Parish of Cloone, Poor Law District Mohill, Co Leitrim.

He had at least three sons, Thomas, Francis and William. His wife's name is not known.

Francis may have held some 6+ acres of land in Bundara, on the Estate of Major Gore. Widow Mary McAtire appears to have been associated with that property, perhaps his mother-in-law.

Francis died in Cornamucklagh in 1847 during the Great Famine.

 Mary O'Farrell's Family
Cloncowley, Drumlish, Co Longford, Ireland
Grave of Thomas O'Farrell in the Old Drumlish Churchyard

A Rental of the Estates of The Hon. L.H. King Harman in the counties of
Longford  for 2 1/2 Years. 1855

Ferrall, Thomas (widow of)
Jordan, James & Patt
McGarry, Daniel
Reilly, Patt & Partners
Reynolds, Michael
Reynolds, Patt

Mary O'Farrell was born about 1822 in Cloncowley, Drumlish, Co Longford. It is a small townland
 near the border of Co Leitrim. Her marriage to Thomas O'Brien of Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim would have been arranged by their parents and a matchmaker. They were married on February 24, 1840 in Saint Mary's Church, Drumlish, Co Longford. Their witnesses were Catherine Kelly and Thomas McNally.
The grave of Thomas O'Farrell above is either her father, brother or uncle. Through family research we have two possible names for her parents, either Thomas and Judith, or James and Bridget. The latter comes from old reseach done by an unknown family member in Ireland. By 1901 the land was owned by a James Farrell. By 1911,a John and Bridget Farrell lived on the land. John was 39, Bridget 35 in 1911.

 Mary Theresa Cafferty's  Family
Miskaun Glebe, Aughnasheelin, Co Leitrim, Ireland

Mary's Parents
 Charles Cafferty and Mary Creamer Cafferty

Charles Cafferty was born about 1835,the son of Andrew Cafferty and Jane Moore Cafferty. There is no record of his birth or baptism in Co Leitrim. It is possible he was born there, although he may have been born in Co Donegal. His parents and grandparents were refugees from that area, forced out due to Catholic persecutions carried out
 by the Orange Order. Charles was one of at least four children. He had two brothers, Hugh and Patrick, and a sister Mary. All known siblings came to America. There must have been other children who remained in Ireland as well.
Charles married Mary Creamer about 1857. My great grandmother, Mary Theresa ,was their first child .She was born on February 12,1859 and was baptized in St. Bridget's Church in Ballinamore,
 Co Leitrim by Rev. Peter Curran.
The Cafferty family added seven more children between the years 1863 -1879.
 They were Andrew, Jane, John, Ellen, Catherine, Charles, Patrick, Hugh and Margaret.
Charles died in 1887 in Miskaun, his wife Mary died after 1901.
 She was still living in her own home there on the 1901 census.

 Mary Creamer's Family
Co Leitrim, Ireland

It is possible that Mary Creamer was the daughter of Bryan, Hugh,John or Thomas Creamer of Derrinahilltha More,Oughteragh,Co Leitrim,Ireland. It was a neighboring townland to Miskaun Glebe, home of the Cafferty family. These were the only Creamers listed at that time. It seems by the naming patterns of Mary and Charles' children that Mary was the daughter of John and Mary Creamer. Their second son was John and would have been named for his maternal grandfather. They had no sons named Bryan or Thomas, however, there was a son Hugh who was their youngest son.

 Julia Ann Sullivan's Family
Co Kerry, Ireland

Just after the Great Famine of 1847, thousands of Ireland's sons and daughters emigrated to America.
Many came from Kerry and Cork, where the farmers were especially destitute. They left their land and people with a purpose and a hope that they would never, ever starve again.
On these pages are records of the Falveys and Sullivans and some of their neighbors
who came to Rhode Island and found a home.

Their families still in Ireland were:

John and Catherine Sullivan were the parents of Mary Margaret Sullivan, my great great grandmother born in 1829.
Timothy and Julia Sullivan were the parents of  Florence "Flurry" Sullivan, my great great grandfather born in 1820.
They were born and remained in Co Kerry or perhaps Co Cork about 1800.