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Richard Salisbury

Richard and Elizabeth Salisbury

Very little is known of Richard and Elizabeth Eaton Salisbury.

Their Children

Luther Salisbury was the brother of Adah Salisbury. Luther was born on February 7, 1802. He was born in Glocester, Rhode Island.His birth is not recorded on the town books. He was a farmer in the First Ward area of Providence, which is now called North Providence.
On the 1850 Census, Luther was 48, his wife, Roxana  was 39. Also in the household was Harriet Salisbury, their daughter, age 16, and a married daughter, Mary E. Eaton, 20, her husband Theodore H. Eaton, 23, a machinist, and George Branch, 22, laborer on the farm.
Luther  died on November 1, 1887 at the age of 85. At that time his home was at 28 Forest Ave., North Providence.
His wife Roxana passed away on May 12, 1893 the age of 82.
The names of Luther, his wife and daughter Harriet  A. Salisbury are written on the Salisbury monument in the North Burial Ground in Providence. Their infant son, Richard W. Salisbury who died at the age of six months is listed with the rest of the family.
Providence, Rhode Island Census

 SALISBURY, Luther  Providence County, RI, 002, Providence East Side, RIS3a1607953

 SALISBURY, Luther Providence County, RI, 077, Ward 1, RIS6a2519715

 SALISBURY, Luther  Providence County, RI, 216, Providence 1st Ward, RI4015038    

 SALISBURY, Luther , Providence County, RI, 208, Providence 1 Ward, RI5377790

Nancy W. Salisbury was born about May 14, 1793. She was Adah's sister, possibly her twin. Nancy was a spinster, and  lived near her brother Luther and his family in the home of Richard Mathewson, also a farmer. Nancy died at the age of 63 on June 25, 1856.

Lucinda Salisbury was also a sister of Adah. She was born in 1804, and died at the age of 18 on December 10, 1822.

Clarissa Salisbury was born on May 10, 1795. She died at the age of 40.

Augustus Salisbury was born on May 29, 1789. He died on February 27, 1859.

Owen Salisbury was born on January 18, 1800. His wife was Frances Owen Salisbury who was born in 1811. She died at the age of 75 on March 17, 1875. Owen was a silversmith. He and Frances lived at 15 Olney Street in Providence, RI. He died at the age of 60 on January 25, 1860.