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Patrick O'Brien's Siblings in America

 Thomas Francis O'Brien
1846 - 1922

Thomas Francis O'Brien was born on February 1,1846 in Cornmuckagh, Co Leitrim. He was baptzed on March 14,1846 in
 Saint Joseph's Church, Aughavas. His sponsors were James Flynn and Honor Farrell. Thomas emigrated to America in 1870
and became a naturalized citizen on January 12, 1887 in the Court of Common Pleas, Providence, RI. My great grandfather was his witness. Thomas came to Woonsocket , Rhode Island and was living there in 1880 when he married Annie Markey, the daughter of William and Bridget Marke y of Providence, Rhode Island. They were married on February 5,1880 by Fr. Cleary, in Saint Joseph's Church on Hope Street in Providence. Witnesses to their marriage were Julia Markey and Matthew O'Brien. Thomas was a machinist. On the 1900 Federal Census of Providence, Rhode Island, Thomas and Annie had been married for 20 years. Annie had given birth to seven children, but only two were still living. They were Thomas Francis, 18 and Mary A. 11 years old. The family was living near Sheldon Street in Ward One of Providence. Annie died before 1922. Thomas died on November 24, 1922. He passed away at his residence on 59 Harrison Street in Pawtucket, Rhode I sland.
Thomas is buried in Saint Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket, RI.

 Bridget Ann O'Brien
1856- 1953

Bridget Ann was born in Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim in December of 1856. She may have been the first daughter born to Thomas and Mary O'Brien, and likely named for her maternal grandmother. Bridget was baptized in St.Joseph's Church , Aughavas on December 31,1856. Her baptism sponsors were William and Margaret Deakins. Bridget emigrated to the United States before 1898. She used the name Ann Bridget most of her life. That year she married William Ernest Sanford of North Kingstown. He was a farmer, the son of Alfred A.and Delia Sanford. They were married on July 12, 1898 by Fr. William J. Simmons. Bridget and William lived in Providence in 1906. Later she and William relocated to New Y ork City. In 1920, William and Bridget lived at 52 West 52nd St. in Manhattan, NYC. He was 47, no occupation listed. Bridget was 64 and a housekeeper in a rooming house. He became an attorney, and later a judge there. They had no children . Bridget died on May 11,1953 in New York City. She was 97. Her funeral was held from the Prata Funeral Home in West Warwick. A high requiem Mass was said for her at SS Peter and Paul Church in Phoenix, Rhode Island. The Rev. John Kelly was celebrant. Bridget is buried with her husband and brother Patrick O'Brien in St . Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Bearers at her funeral were, William J. O'Brien and Thomas F. O'Brien, David Barry and Bernard Doyle.

 Francis Joseph O'Brien

Francis was born in Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim in the summer of 1859. He was the fourth son of Thomas and Mary Farrell O'Brien. He was baptized in St.Joseph's Church, Aughavas, on June 8, 1859. Francis emigrated to Providence, Rhode Island on Apri l4, 1878 at the age of 19 and was naturalized on December 8, 1890. In 1890, he was a bartender at 432 High Street Providence . He had a room at 378 High Street. He was also there in 1892.

His signed his name to the document. He worked as a store clerk and lived in Providence until 1906. Francis Joseph O'Brien remained a bachelor all his life. He died at the age of 49 on November 21, 1908 at his home on Old Warwick Road, Warwick, RI.

 Susan F. O'Brien

Susan was born in Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim in 1860. She was the second daughter of Thomas and Mary Farrell O'Br ien, and likely named for her paternal grandmother. She was baptized in St. Joseph's Church, Aughavas. Susan emigrated to the United States before 1886. That was the year she married John Thomas Doyle, son of Bernard and Maria Doyle of Providence. John was a bell fixer at the time of their marriage. Susan and John were married on October 14, 1886 in St . John's Church, Providence, Rhode Island. Two years later , their son, Bernard Thomas Doyle was born on December 2, 1888. They were living at 329 Atwells Ave. at that time. John died on September 23, 1918. Susan died February 12, 1936.

 William Francis O'Brien

William was born in Cornamucklagh, Co Leitrim Ireland in October of 1861. He was baptized in St. Joseph's Church, Aughavas on October 21,1861. William's baptism sponsors were Robert Deakins and Mary Gray. He migrated to Providence, Rhode Island about 1885. William married Margaret McGuire in the Providence Cathedral on October 15, 1890. They were married by Fr. William Stang. Mary was born in Co Fermangh.
 She was the daughter of Thomas McGuire and Mary A. McDonald. At the time of his marriage, William was a Providence policeman in the Sixth Station. Officer O'Brien was a well respected resident of the city.
    In 1891, he ran William F. O'Brien Liquors at 211 South Bend Street in Pawtucket, RI. He was living at 209 South Bend St. In 1892 he was a police officer at Providence Police Station #6. He was 31. In 1893 his family lived at 17 Rankin Avenue in Providnce, and was still stationed at Station #6. Later that year they were living
 at 61 Hendrick Street in the city, and in 1896 the family was living at 87 Canton St. and William  was stationed at Police Station #5. He and his family lived on Colfax Street in Providence in 1905.
He died at the age of 44 in Providence on March 21, 1906.

 The following is his obituary, published in the Providence Journal of March 22, 1906.

Willia m F. O'Brien, a well-known citizen of this city and former member of the local police force was suddenly taken ill about two weeks ago and died at 7:30 o'clock last evening at his home, 261 Thurber's Avenue. He was born in Ireland 44 years ago, but for the major portion of his late years has resided in this city. July 31,1890, he was 12 years in that capacity. He travelled from the Sixth, Fourth and Fifth Stations, and was highly regarded by his brother officers.
 When he was at the Fifth Station his beat took him along Eddy Street, which was thought to be the toughest section of the city at that time, and where he performed his duties in commendable fashion.
 January 24, 1902 marked the completion of his career on the force, after which he went into business. He was a coachman for a time prior to going on the force.
At the time of his death he was in business on Thurber's Avenue, where he operated a liquor saloon. William's store was located at 269 Thurbers Ave. in Pr ovidence.
Mr . O'Brien was a member of the Retail Liquor Dealers Association and was very popular, having gained many acquaintances while on the police force and through his business relations of the past three years.
 He is survived by a widow, three daughters and three sons, all small children. Three brothers and two sisters also survive him, they being Thomas, Patrick and Francis O'Brien, Mrs. John Doyle and Mrs. William E. Sanford all residing in this city excepting the later who lives in Warwick.  
   Margaret died in 1930. At that time she was living at 27 Adelaide Ave. in Providence, RI