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The O'Brien Family of Aughavas

Patrick Farrell O'Brien, my great grandfather, son of Thomas O'Brien and Mary O'Farrell O'Brien
Patrick's brother James who remained in Ireland and farmed the O'Brien land
William F. O'Brien, Patrick's brother who came to Rhode Island and joined the Providence Police and was also a businessman
A sketch by Nellie O'Brien showing how the original farm house looked. It had a thatched roof, a green door, was whitewashed and had famine pots in front.
Thomas O'Brien, son of James, and his wife Lucy Corrigal. He came to Oregon and became a sheepman. They had six children.
Patrick O'Brien, son of James, Sr. who took over the O'Brien farm when his father died. He is haying the field with one of his daughter Patricia.
Patrick O'Brien, son of James, with his sister Ellen "Nellie" on his left and his wife Maria Reynolds O'Brien on his right
Patrick O'Brien, son of James, Sr. He was the father of nine children. All live in Ireland. His son Thomas still  lives on the farm. The others ar Nellie, Seamus, Brede, Patrick, Kathleen, Christine, Patricia and Josephine.
Pat O'Brien, son of James, Sr. He came to Oregon for a short time. The hat he's so proud of came from America. He almost died out on the range in the wintertime, and returned to Ireland.
Bridget "Bessie" O'Brien, daughter of James O'Brien'
She came to the USA and became a nurse. She married Louis Bianchi and lived in Florida.
The Holy Bible given to Katheryn O'Brien on her wedding day. Her Aunt Bridget, sister of my great grandfather
Patrick Farrell O'Brien,  presented it
to Kate and Pat Campbell
Katheryn O'Brien and Patrick Campbell on their wedding day in 1918 in New York City. They went to Oregon to homestead, raised sheep and then cattle. Katheryn was the daughter of James. Sr.
In the photo are left Kate and bridesmaid, the daughter of William F. O'Brien. Pat  Campbell is on the left,in the center is my grandfather, Thomas O'Brien. Groomsman is unknown.
Rose and Mary Ann O'Brien, daughters of James O'Brien, Sr. Rose married John Mitchell and lived in Oregon and California. Mary Ann lived in Ireland and married Pat Caffrey.
The children and grandchildren of Katheryn and
Pat Campbell who still live in Oregon and run a  large cattle ranch.
Kate and Pat had  eight children.
James O'Brien, Jr. and his wife Anne McNicholls O'Brien who lived in England. He was a newspaper man.
My last trip to the family farm in September of 2004. Tom's onions are drying on the fence.
The  O'Brien Farm Fields and cattle  2004
Tom O'Brien's farmhouse built near the old homestead foundation