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The Normans

William's Knights

Battle Abbey Roll

        Urso d'Abetot
    Walterius (Gautier) d'Aincourt
    Richard d'Averanches
    Robert de Beaumont (Count of Meulan, Earl of Leicester)
    Geoffrey of Mortagne (Count of Perche)
Robert of Mortagne (Count of Mortagne and Earl of Cornwall)
    William FitzOsbern (Earl of Hereford)
    William de Warenne (Earl of Surrey)
    Hugh de Grandmesnil ( Seigneur of Grandmesnil)
    Walter Giffard (Seigneur of Longeuville)
    Hugh de Montfort (Seigneur of Montfort-sur-Risle)
        Norman d'Adreci (d'Arcy)
    Osbern d'Arques (de Arches)
Aimery (Vicomte of Thouars)
Ralph de Toeni (Seigneur of Conches)
Seigneur Engenulf d'Laigle (Killed at Hastings October 17,1066)
William d'Evereux (Third Count of Evereux)

The Domesday Book
King William orders an accounting of all his lands in England

The Magna Charta
The Nobles of England confront King John.
The Charta is signed and a new era begins in England

Signers of the Magna Carta

The King and 25 Surety Barons

King John Plantagenet (Relative)

William d'Albini, Lord of Belvoir Castle (Relative)
William was loyal to the King.

Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk. (Relative)

Hugh Bigod, Heir to the Earldoms of Norfolk and Suffolk. (Relative)

Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford. (Relative)

Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford. (Relative)

Gilbert de Clare, heir to the earldom of Hertford. (Relative)

Saire de Quincey, Earl of Winchester. (Relative)

John de Lacie, Lord of Pontefract Castle. (Relative)

Robert de Roos, Lord of Hamlake Castle (Relative)

William Marshall  of Pembroke (Relative)
William was loyal to the King

William de Mowbray, Lord of Axholme Castle (Relative )

William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle (Relative)

Geoffrey de Saye, Baron (Relative)

Robert FitzWalter, Lord of Dunmow Castle (Relative)
Leader of the Magna Carta Barons 1215

Other Nobles (related)

William Marshal Earl of Pembroke
William Longespee, Earl of Slisbury
William Earl of Warren and Surrey
Allan of Galloway, Constable of Scotland
Hubert de Burgh, Seneschal of Poitou
Peter Fitz Herbert
Thomas Basset
Alan Basset
William d'Albigny, Earl of Arundel

Other Barons not related:
John FitzRobert, Lord of Warkworth Castle.
William Hardell, Mayor of the City of London.
William de Huntingfield, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.
William de Lanvallei, Lord of Standway Castle.
William Malet, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset.
Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex and Gloucester.
Roger de Montbegon, Lord of Hornby Castle.
Richard de Montfichet, Baron.
Richard de Percy, Baron.
Robert de Vere, heir to the earldom of Oxford.
Eustace de Vesci, Lord of Alnwick Castle.