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My Husband and His Family

My husband Jack and I are retired. We enjoy traveling and camping. Our home is small and comfortable.
 Both of us enjoy our computers. Jack likes his flying programs. We live near the beaches in Rhode Island.
Our backyard bird feeder is always full, and we love to see the many varieties of birds who come to eat our seeds. Deer sometimes stop by, as well as rabbits, squirrels chipmunks, wild turkeys and an
occasional groundhog or two.

Jack's Parents

Dorothy and John lived in North Attleborough, Massachusetts
Both were born there

Jack's Grandparents

William Dyer born in Johnstown, New York
Annie McKenzie Harrington born in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia  

James Moran born in Providence, Rhode Island
Margaret Shattuck Taylor born in Providence, Rhode Island

Jack's Great Grandparents

William Moran born in Ireland  
Bridget Conway born in Ireland  
Robert Matthew Taylor was born in Northern Ireland 
Elizabeth Barr born in Scotland 

Louis C. Dyer born in French Canada  
Mary Adeline Miner born in Bakersfield, Vermont  
Lemuel William Harrington born in Quebec, Canada  
Susan Mingo born in Colchester, Nova Scotia