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Our Children


Bonnie, our first daughter was born in 1964. Always an excellent student, she graduated with honors from Northeastern University. She and her family travel often. Bonnie is married to Mihos, and is the mother of two lovely and lively young daughters, Marina and Arianna. They are currently living in England. Bonnie enjoys horseback riding,traveling and reading. She is creative, and has a wonderful sense of design as well as artistic talent. Marina and Arianna love school. Both enjoy books, art, horses and sports.

Scott, Ruth and Sarah

Scott, our first child and only son is a talented project engineer in the computer industry. He and his wife Ruth and daughter Sarah live on the west coast. An avid outdoorsman, he and his family love sports, fishing and camping. Scott restores old cars, and is currently working on a Mustang and a Camero.
Sarah has earned many honors in school, always eager to learn and is a delight to her family and teachers. She has recently learned to drive and has a part-time job to save for college.  Ruth, a Montessori teacher, loves football, crafts and antiques and is a terrific mom and wife.

Corey and Laura

Our youngest daughter Laura was born in 1967. Laura is on the staff of three Sullivan County, NY libraries. She offers Adult and Children's programs. A talented woman, she is a published poet and a great mom to her daughter Corinna. Always a book lover and avid reader, she has instilled those qualities in her daughter. They love music, and both play the saxaphone. Laura plays the flute and tin whistle. Corey also is learning to play the piano. Corey and her mom are both artistic and creative. Both are lovers of nature, often found traipsing through woodlands and fields observing birds, wildlife, trees and plantings.

Laura has her own website promoting her work . Take a look. She's at Laura's Website