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Connections to Distant Past

Those who came to America in the early years did so for many different reasons. Some were seeking
religious freedom, while others came for profit. All were adventurous, most were devout,
some were rich,others quite poor. It is reasonable to believe that many of these wealthy and educated persons
were able to prove their lineage to past generations.
When tracing English history, one can find a varied mix  of people from Vikings, to Normans and Saxons,
to the countries of Germany, Scotland, Wales, France and most of the ancient European world

Our ancestors whose family lines stretch far back in time were
Theodosia and Hannah Jackson,
Anne Fiske, Keziah Peck and  Ruth Field.

Some of these families include royalty. How is that possible? Because power and privilege were passed on
usually through the eldest sons. Some families had no sons to continue the line, and daughters were married off for
profit rather than love. While one brother grew rich, others blended into the middle class,some were disinherited
because of religious strife.
Eventually, after many generations, there were those who sailed away to New England.