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My Great Grandparents

My Great Grandparents

Maternal Ancestors
Anna Gomes born in Fazenda,Flores, the Azores in 1852

Anna's Parents
Joao Furtado Gomes and Catarina de Jesus Trigueiro
Fazenda, Lajes, Flores, the Azores

Anna's Siblings
Joao Gomes 1839-1839
Manuel Gomes 1840
Maria Gomes 1842-1842
Maria Gomes 1843-1843
Francisco Gomes 1844-1873
Antonio Jose Gomes 1846-1873
Maria Gomes 1849
Maria Gomes 1850
Isabelle Gomes 1854-1927
Jose Gomes 1856-1856
Jose Gomes 1857-1858
Manuel Furtado Gomes 1862-1929

Manuel Bettencourt Silva and Anna deJesus Gomes 1879
Manuel and Anna circa 1918

Manuel Bettencourt Silva born on the island of Sao Jorge, the Azores in 1856

Manuel's Parents
Jose Bettencourt Silva
Sao Jorge, the Azores

Rosa Emilia Jacintho born in Santa Cruz, Flores, the Azores in 1859

Rosa's Parents
Antonio Jacinto Bicho born circa 1834 and Maria de Jesus deAlmeida born October 1837
Santa Cruz, Flores, the Azores

Rosa's Siblings
Antonio Bicho
Joao Bicho
Ventura Jacintho Bicho 1865
Jose Jacintho Bicho 1873

Francisco DaCosta born in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, the Azores
1849-Before 1900
Francisco's Parents
Manuel da Costa and Jacintha de Jesus both born circa 1825
Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, the Azores

Paternal Ancestors
Mary Theresa Cafferty born in Miscaun Glebe, Co Leitrim, Ireland

Mary's Parents
Charles Cafferty and Mary Creamer
Misaun Glebe, Aughnasheelin, Co Leitrim, Ireland

Mary's Siblings
Jane Cafferty 1863
Ellen Cafferty 1866-1939
Andrew Cafferty 1867
John Joseph Cafferty 1869
Catherine Cafferty 1870-
Charles Cafferty 1873
Patrick Joseph Cafferty 1874-1961
Hugh Cafferty 1877
Margaret Cafferty 1879-1951

Patrick Farrell O'Brien and Mary Theresa Cafferty

Patrick Farrell O'Brien born in Cornamuckla, Co Leitrim, Ireland

Patrick's Parents
Thomas O'Brien and Mary Farrell
Cornamuckla, Aughavas, Co Leitrim, Ireland

Patrick's Siblings
Thomas Francis O'Brien 1846-1922
James O'Brien 1848-1919
Bridget Ann O'Brien 1856- 1953
Francis Joseph O'Brien 1859-1908
Susan F. O'Brien 1860-1936
William Franics O'Brien 1861-1906

Julia Ann Sullivan born in Co Kerry, Ireland

Julia's Parents
Florence "Flurry" Sullivan and
Mary Margaret Sullivan
Co Kerry, Ireland

Charles William Cole born in Cumberland, Rhode Island

Charles' Parents
Joseph Cole and Eliza Smith
Rhode Island
Harriet Roach
Rhode Island

Charles' Siblings
Joseph Augustus Cole 1848-1918
Oliver William Cole 1850-1929
Arnold Frederick Cole 1852-1916
Thomas Wilson Dorr Lewis 1851-1891
Mary Elizabeth Lewis 1840-
George A. Lewis 1839-